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Anderson, Andison, Andrew, Andrews, Corbet, Corbett, Crow, Crowe, Croy, Denoon, Denune, 
Dingwall, Duthie, Fair, Gair, Gear, Gillanders, Hagart, Haggart, MacAndrew, MacCullie, MacCulloch, MacLullich, 
MacTaggart, MacTear, MacTier, MacTire, Taggart, Tullo, Tulloch, Tyre, Vass, Wass

Clan Ross Crest Badge


A dexter hand holding
a garland of laurel
(Success Nourishes Hope)



Balnagown Castle

Balnagown Castle 

Historically the seat of the
chiefs of Clan Ross.




Tartans of Clan Ross


Clan Ross has three tartans:
Ross Red tartan
Ross Dress tartan
(modern & ancient)
Ross Hunting tartan
(modern, ancient & weathered)



Coat of Arms

Chief of the Hereditary Coat
of Arms of Ross,
David Campbell Ross
of Ross and Balnagown

Clan Ross

... is a Highland Scottish clan first named as such by King Malcolm IV of Scotland in 1160. 

The first of the chiefs was Fearchar, Earl of Ross from the O’Beolain family, also known as ‘Fearchar Mac-an-t-sagairt’ (meaning “son of the priest”) of Applecross.


President: Bert Ross

Vice-President: Meghan Ross

Treasurer/Web: Linda Ross

Secretary: Barbra "Ross" Bartz

Past-President: Lawrence Ross

Directors at Large:

Ron Dachs

Angie Dachs

Arlie Collins (Newsletter)

Thomas Ross


Genealogy: Please make a free account on Family Search and add your family tree and connect into other Ross'.

In lieu of Clan Ross dues at this time, we encourage our members to donate to the
Tain Through Time museum in Tain, Scotland.
This museum perserves the history of Clan Ross and sponsors the annual Clan Ross Highland Games
and is strongly supported by the Chief.

Please mention you are a member of Clan Ross of the United States when donating. Thank you!


Contact Us

Clan Ross of the United States, INC.
has been a registered association
since the 1970's.

105 S. Graham Ave
Orlando, Florida 32803
Regisitered Agent Address

  Email: clanrossoftheunitedstates@gmail.com

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